Product Designer at Intuit, previously at Western Union and Verily Life Sciences. I have a knack for aligning cross-functional teams, background in user research and experience leading multi-disciplinary teams during literal life or death problems.


Reducing surprises and getting organized for small business owners

TSheets (part of QuickBooks by Intuit)

TSheets is a time-tracking software for small businesses. I am currently designing the "Projects" experience of TSheets Plus (a new SKU) across mobile and web. Projects is in the midst of change, shifting from a focus on "Actual" (meaning actual time tracked by employees) vs. estimate (meaning admin estimated time for a project) to an organizational tool within TSheets.

Focus- Interaction/content/visual/ux design

Role- Product designer/researcher, content designer

Saving sight with machine learning

Verily (Google Life Sciences)

ARDA is a machine-learning algorithm used to detect diabetic retinopathy at a PCP or screening station, preventing blindness by reducing the number of referrals patients have to seek before dianosis. I ran FDA-grade usability studies to uncover, correct and ultimately file for (successful) FDA approval for 2 primary user groups (software engineers, MDs).

Focus- Summative testing, FDA usability clearance, UX research, Root-cause analysis

Role- UX Researcher, content designer

Creating a global B2B SaaS

Western Union

Western Union is the worlds largest money transfer service. With access to over 200+ financial markets, Western Union wanted to move from the days of sending money in a dirty grocery store to the modern era. I designed a developer hub to sell, setup and maintain a global API SaSS service. Now everyone can use Western Union's network!

Focus- Information architecture, UX design/research, strategy

Role- UX designer/researcher

Early-stage startup site redesign to attract customers and investors

Clara Foods

Clara Foods is a startup solving actually pressing problems. They're attempting to make animal protein, without animals. I was hired to redesign their site to clarify their new capabilities so they could attract new investors and customers. The site redesign resulted in 4x increase in investor outreach and a business strategy update, moving from large VCs to more medium and small-scale investors.

Focus- visual design, branding, ux design, content strategy, IA,  strategy

Role- UX designer/researcher

Designing an interface for clean energy

UX design, collaborative design, ux research

FreeWire is a company specializing in mobile renewable power sources. I helped FreeWire design hardware-mounted battery dashboards that resulted in significant safety and usability improvements with 3 different product lines.

Focus- ux design, research, collaborative design, design sprint facilitation

Role- UX designer/researcher

Full portfolio available upon request


"There are no edge cases, just people."


Other things I'm proud of

Look ma, I've made it (-ish)!

Project Baseline Verily.png
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Verily UX Research work featured in The Verge

I ran 501k FDA usability updates for Verily's phenomenal Study Watch. My study was reported on by The Verge. I'm still in shock.

Project Baseline launch

This was a project that I conducted significant amounts of multi-method UXR on at Verily with VERY. Many talented and passionate people helped make this a reality. I'm so proud to see all of our efforts come to fruition.

TSheets + launched

My current role is part of a team that helped launch TSheets first new SKU ever! This was a major milestone for TSheets, especially after their recent acquisition by Intuit.


Where to find me

Currently in - San Francisco, CA